How we deliver

We cut out superfluous capacity

If your branch office never uses more than six phone lines at the same time, why pay for eight? Especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of offices. We use in-house developed specialist tools to analyse vast quantities of call data and identify such unneeded capacity so that it can be retired.

We get rid of wasteful consumption

Sometimes internal staff simply don’t know which is the more cost-effective option. Is it cheaper to call back when roaming? At other times they misuse the service. We crunch the data and help you to develop financially meaningful usage policies and the means to police them—either by blocking misuse in the first place or detecting when it gets out of hand.

We get better prices

Of course we do. We negotiate with the same vendors all the time for our clients—so we know what can be achieved. And we have the tools to consolidate and analyse your volumes across all vendors, countries and business units. So we can work out and compare the real overall value of different bids, pricing schemes and technical alternatives.

We get better terms & conditions

Our RFPs (=Request for Proposal) are by far the best in class. They even form part of new contracts we have agreed with the vendors for our clients—verbatim. We know the methods vendors employ to extract excess monies, keep costs opaque, lock you in or wriggle out of their delivery responsibilities. So we’ll get you simpler pricing models, easier to manage contracts and more comprehensive service levels tailored to your requirements, not those of your vendor.