Our success factors

We’re completely independent

We have no hidden agenda because we have no partnerships with carriers, equipment providers or outsourcers. We don’t sell you software or hardware, nor do we sell bodies. So you get unbiased results and recommendations. We’re not wedded to any technologies (although we have strong opinions on them) because the only thing that counts for us is to save our clients real money.

We have the knowledge

Our specialists have worked for large telecommunications providers as well as for major telecommunications purchasers such as yourselves. So we know how to exploit the changing commercial, regulatory and technical environment. We know your suppliers’ real economics. And since we have probably already negotiated with them, we know how to get the best deal for you.

We have the means

Our approach distils best-practice from general strategic sourcing and shapes it to the specific needs of the telecommunications market. Our RFPs are rigorous and comprehensive, as you can see for yourself—just look at the sample extracts. Our specialised tools allow us to process huge amounts of indifferently structured volume data to gain the insights needed for effective commercial decisions. And our specialists are hardened, experienced negotiators.

Ask our reference clients

We’ll put you in touch with them and they can tell you how we delivered substantial and lasting bottom-line savings for them.