How we work

Step 1: Set-Up

We agree with you at corporate level on the rough scope (country / spend category / business) of the project

You mandate us to proceed, and ensure participation and co-operation in all the agreed countries and business units.

Step 2: Diagnostic

We analyse your current telecommunications situation both qualitatively and quantitatively. We deliver a corporate-wide snapshot of the current situation.

Based on our benchmarked assessments of achievable savings in each country and spend category, we recommend whether to proceed and if so, specify in detail the scope, approach and timing of the project.

Step 3: Volumetrics

We collect, consolidate and analyse detailed volume and spend data from all countries and business units. We obtain this either from your own business units or directly from your current vendors.

Step 4: Execution

Supply-side: Together with your commercial and technical specialists, we formalise and standardise your requirements and volume projections. We prepare, agree and run a highly structured, modular tender. Together with your commercial specialists, we negotiate with the shortlisted vendors and finalise the contracts with the chosen vendors. We help you manage any transitions to new vendors.

Demand-side: Together with your technical specialists, we determine redundant capacity and get it switched off. We recommend technical changes based on real and measured commercial benefits. With your personnel experts, we establish a consistent and meaningful corporate usage policy.

Step 5: Verification

We check your vendor invoices to make sure the agreed supply-side savings are delivered to the bottom line. We analyse detailed volume data to measure and confirm the impact of demand-side changes.