Examples of our Tools

We use a wide variety of in-house developed tools to help us deliver savings:

Tool What it helps us to do
Call record classifier
  • Correctly classify and consolidate millions of voice call records from different vendor reporting systems
SLA builder
  • Define rigorous, detailed, customer-specific service levels
RFP builder
  • Build structured, detailed and rigorous customer-specific RFPs
Response form builder
  • Build interactive, customer-specific response forms that bidders complete as part of their bid
Bid evaluator
  • Qualitatively evaluate and compare vendor bids based on a customer-defined scoring system
Negotiation scripter
  • Build structured scripts for negotiations with vendors, based on their and other vendors‘ specific
Pricing engine
  • Calculate actual value of different pricing schemes and vendor bids with customer-specific volume profiles
Line analyser
  • Identify unused telephone line capacity in individual customer locations
On-line policy advisor
  • Provide our customers‘ users with specific, online advice on how to use their phones, based on their home country, location, phone type, business unit policy and so on
Contract builder
  • Convert final bids into a contract text